Myths about Fitness (and the surprising #1)
Written by CrossFit Athletic Team
Today we're sharing some of the most common - and least helpful - myths about health and fitness.

#6 MYTH: We have to give up our favourite foods.

FACT: Keeping a few favourite foods is totally fine. Bringing in ADDITIONAL healthy variations is what makes the biggest difference.

#5 MYTH: The best time of day to work out is in the morning.

FACT: The best time of day to work out is the time we can commit to. Morning, noon or night, whatever fits with our lifestyle is the best way to make it stick!

#4 MYTH: Only super fit and strong people can start something like CrossFit

FACT: Every CrossFit class is customised to each individual in intensity and scale. Meaning that complete beginners can get started today (even if starting from the couch!)

#3 MYTH: Discipline is the secret to getting fit.

FACT: HABITS are the secret to getting fit. And specifically habits that we LOVE doing :) 

#2 MYTH: Ok but changing habits is really difficult and they never last anyway.

FACT: With focussed attention over a short period (like about 28 days) we can create new empowering habits that create near effortless transformation in the long term.

...and the biggest MYTH of all?

#1 BIGGEST MYTH: We can take care of our health and fitness "later". Once we've handled the kids, the jobs, the mortgage, the study, the bills, the everything.

FACT: Today is the ONLY day you can decide to make a change. And a decision only happens when we take action, no matter how small. And all the things that are "important' to us ALL improve when we improve ourselves.  

Ok that's pretty dramatic maybe.... but WHAT NOW?

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