Fitness is NOT a Fad
Written by CrossFit Athletic Team
In the past 12 months we've helped over 200 people successfully transform their personal energy and fitness. 


With relentless focus on 3 key things.

See... the health and wellness space is bombarded with messages and fads telling us to try a million and one different things. 

But guess what? This doesn't work!

While others are spreading themselves thin on 23 different things we are quietly focusing on just 3 (and getting amazing results along the way).

Want to know what these 3 key things are?
Well let's start with...

#3 - Movement : Yes, we've got to get the body MOVING! And the key within activities that get us moving is including customised and programmed VARIATION. This is something we are obsessed with! :) Because if we try to just do different things all unrelated, we can miss out on the right combinations of movements that trigger the desired response of our body to generate more energy, burn more fat and build muscle tone.

#2 - Food : Lets escape the fad diets once and for all! The key here is understanding that calorie counting and restricting ourselves doesn't work. Instead, we take an approach of building in the right foods that actually taste amazing and when combined with the right physical fitness, our body actually craves more of the good stuff. So we work with your body - not against it.

#1 - Support : Having professional and friendly coaches to help keep on track in the early stages is the single biggest difference people rave about when get started with us. Your success is our success and we promote this through one on one follow up calls, personalised coaching, a supportive community (in the gym and in our online groups) and more... 

This simple methodology is the real deal and we have seen it work time and time again. It's not sexy and it's not complicated. It just WORKS.

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